Cloth pad pattern

Discover how to make your own cloth pads with these easy-to-follow patterns. Switch to sustainable menstrual care and reduce waste while saving money.
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Cloth Menstrual Pad Pattern — simply living well

Historically speaking, disposable menstrual pads are a relatively new concept. For thousands of years, women have used a variety of reusable pads crafted from materials like rags, cotton, and wool. Today, with an ever-growing population of eco-conscious women, there’s a resurging interest in non-dis

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Make Your Own Cloth Sanitary Pads | Sewing Bee Fabrics

Now I'm in my third trimester of pregnancy, that worry of waters breaking so it looks like I've wet myself in public is starting to set in. I don't fancy the irritation of disposable sanitary towels against my skin for weeks before and weeks after so it's time to make some just in case cloth sanitary protection, or muff fluff as it is also known as! Depending on how you feel about it, these work equally well as menstrual sanitary towels, or incontinence pads. Either way, this is how I've…

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