Cnc plasma

Unlock your creativity with CNC plasma cutting. Explore top ideas and inspiration for your next project, from intricate designs to personalized gifts. Get started and bring your ideas to life with CNC plasma technology.
CNC Plasma Cutter Iteration 1: OK, we have motors, and a controller fo – Turtle Laboratories Arbejdsplads Garage, Step Well, Routeur Cnc, Accessoires 4x4, Cnc Plasma Table, Diy Cnc Router, Plasma Table, Build A Table, Diy Cnc

Ok, so the HobbyCNC controller board and stepper motors have proven to work excellent on their own, sitting on my tech bench. What is the next step? Well, build a table for them, of course! I decided to start by designing some CAD models of some gantry carriages. Carriages are the devices that have the bearings installed, in which allow all the moving parts to slide freely up and down the axes. The first ones were going to look rough, but I assure you, the important dimensions were within…

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