Coke chicken

Elevate your chicken dishes with these mouthwatering Coke Chicken recipes. Discover new flavors and enjoy a unique twist on a classic favorite.
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Only four ingredients create a tender, tangy Coca-Cola chicken dinner in no time. If you’re watching your sugar, you can easily substitute diet soda (diet dr. pepper works well) for the regular Coca-Cola in this recipe. We always serve this with rice or lightly buttered noodles to get every last bit of the sauce from the plate.

Nikki Petersen
Deliciously sticky and sweet, these Coca Cola Chicken drumsticks consists of tender chicken that is simmered in a tasty mix of Coca Cola and other flavorful ingredients.

Our Coca-Cola chicken drumsticks feature tender chicken that is simmered in a tasty mix of Coca-Cola and other flavorful ingredients.

Crystol Burnett