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April and May flew past without me being able to catch hold of them so I'm hoping June gives me the opportunity to sort some stuff out before winter kicks in. I've declared it 'Dejunk June' and hope to spend the month focusing on clearing stuff out. I figured a good first step would be to blog the rest of the photos I took at the Sydney Miniatures Show, back at the beginning of May. This munitions factory scene didn't have a name next to it. I enjoyed seeing someone tackle something so…

Ricky Rod
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There are many wonderful tips for storing books. Floating bookshelves are a fantastic option in little spaces. It is possible to use a single shelf to showcase a little choice of books, or creatively arrange a number of shelves for extra storage. You've sorted through all your books. Books ought to be stored upright so you may read the spine correctly. Rare books which are very fragile ought to be stored in custom-made, acid-free book boxes that are sized to every book.

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