Condensed matter physics

Explore the intriguing world of condensed matter physics and discover cutting-edge ideas that are shaping our understanding of matter and its properties. Dive into the latest research and uncover the mysteries of this captivating field.
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The 2016 Nobel Prize in physics is shared by three scientists -- David Thouless, Duncan Haldane and Michael Kosterlitz -- for theoretical discoveries of topological phase transitions and topological phases of matter. Here's what that means.

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nucleus + [ closed electronic shell ] + e _ nucleon N odd atom = boson N even fermion 7 Li 23 Na 87 Rb 1 H : Bosons 6 Li 40 K : Fermions f = I s = I + 1/2 hyperfine spin nuclear spin electron spin m f = - f, - f + 1, …., f - 1, + f (integers for bosons, half-integers for fermions) _ alkalis

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A scientist from the Division of Quantum Condensed Matter Physics at the University of Tsukuba has formulated a new theory of superconductivity. Based on the calculation of the 'Berry connection', this model helps explain new experimental results better than the current theory. The work may allow future electrical grids to send energy without losses.

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