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Build a strong brand for your construction company with these effective branding strategies. Establish your identity, attract more customers, and stand out from the competition.
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Alpha Project Constructions Intro/Client ID: Design for designers is far more challenging than anything else, that’s why we love to design for designers. Our client, Alpha Projects, is a team of experts in residential design, project management and constructions. To date, the company has undertaken and completed projects throughout Greece and the UK.

Christian Zapata
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Contour is specialized in architecture, design, and construction in Armenia. There are not too many local companies, which offer design, architecture, and construction services at the same time. So, the company itself has taken on significant responsibility. Three important branches - very similar and very different from each other, carried out by the same organization.

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Rising from the ashes of an industrial past, The Ironworks is a symbol of Holbeck’s (Leeds, UK) pride and heritage. The development, as well as its brand identity, needed to carry forward the area’s rich history of creativity, becoming a hardened beacon of strength in the area as time passes.

Louise Hardman
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Silver Arch Property Group is a new property investment and development company who source property to refurbish or invest in. They needed a logo and brand for their company to reflect their extensive knowledge and experience in the construction industry and to enable them to give their clients a more personal touch than other major…

Cottage Industry
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Koya Properties specializes in sourcing & managing low capital property investment opportunities in England & Wales. They actively search for low capital/low-risk properties that give a good return on investment for their clients.

William Simpson