Cozy mysteries

Indulge in the charm of cozy mysteries with these captivating books. Explore intriguing plots and lovable characters that will keep you engaged from beginning to end.
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This post is all about cozy mysteries (“cozies”)! These books usually come in series, but there are some that are published as standalone novels, too. I’ve been looking into this genre more recently, since I love a good mystery but I haven’t have much of a taste for really graphic or depressing books as of ...

Penny Macdonald
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I obviously love reading to Charlotte, but I have been a bookworm every since I was her age. I read a little bit of everything, but my favorite genre would have to be a good cozy mystery. A cozy mystery is exactly just that. It is a story full of fun characters who try to solve a good mystery. A mystery that is light and entertaining instead of dark and gory. I love them because they are a quick read that keeps the focus on spotting the clues to solve the crime and highly revolve around…

Madonna Smith