Creative curriculum buildings study

Enhance your curriculum with a creative building study that sparks imagination and problem-solving skills. Explore top ideas to engage students in hands-on learning and foster their creativity.
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If you have a kid or kids at home, you can hear the words "I am bored" at any time. So be prepared with different activities or toys not only to keep them busy but also have fun time altogether. There are millions of activities especially on shape and color sorting, practicing letters and numbers,

Karen Erickson Scott
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Our school follows the Creative Curriculum. In this curriculum are studies of different topics (buildings, clothing, bread...) Each study lasts as long as the children are interested in them, and they can be customized to the class's interest in the subject. We decided as a school to start with the study "Buildings". Week One: In the sensory table I put some building blocks in dirt to make a construction site. We began by exploring the topic. We went outside our school and sat in front of…

Jamie Armbruster
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I do my best to offer my children a variety of options to facilitate their play, for example, we have six different kinds of blocks, each with their own unique features. The latest addition to our collection was the foam block. While offering a variety of blocks has its benefits, using each kind of block in different ways offers additional advantages for building math and critical thinking skills. Lately we've been using our foam blocks in some non-traditional ways. Floating Structures All…

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