Creepy doll halloween costume

Get ready to spook everyone with a creepy doll Halloween costume. Explore our top ideas for creating a hauntingly realistic and eerie look that will give everyone the chills.
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Every Halloween kids and adults look forward to discovering what type of costume they want to wear for trick or treat or Halloween parties. Scary costumes are some of the most fun and interesting costumes to dress up in. From […]

Priya Panda
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I'm not sure if it's because of the new Annabelle movie, but creepy doll costumes are on trend this Halloween season. They can also be put together relatively inexpensively. To step up your costume game, why not add a simple gold wind up key to your look? Materials: *Foam board (you could also use cardboard if you don't have foam board on hand) *Toilet paper tube *Scissors *Gold paint *X-acto knife or box cutter *1/2" to 1" Elastic *Optional: acetone based glue Directions: *Print out a copy…

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