Crisp bread

Discover a variety of mouthwatering crisp bread recipes that are perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Try these easy and flavorful ideas to add a satisfying crunch to your meals.
An ultra-crisp, gluten-free cracker made from seeds and cornstarch. Lunches, Snacks, Courgettes, Gluten Free Recipes, Ketogenic Diet, Chia Seeds, Grain Free, Low Carb Recipes, Gluten Free

Whether you call these crackers or Norwegian Crispbread (Knekkebrød), these golden, crispy seed crackers are a dream, both to make and to eat! 5 different varieties of seeds come together with the help of a little water and cornstarch to create one of the best homemade gluten-free crackers you'll ever have the pleasure of eating.

Brooke Nicole
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A Norwegian breakfast and lunch is never complete without a slice of bread or a type of knekkebrød. These ‘crisp breads’ or ‘breaking breads’ which are flat and dry, resembling a cracker, probably originated in Scandinavia close to 500 years ago. Some sources say that crisp bread was a staple of the Vikings as they could store them for long periods of time. These crisp breads would have been baked on hot stones, while today’s knekkebrød is baked in the oven.

Michelle Kimenhour
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My home made contribution to Valentines Day evening was a home made pate and crackers served with cheese (not home made). These crackers to be exact. They're Raincoast Crisps, a seedy, nutty cracker that has something of a cult like following. They have several flavours to choose from but in this month's Daring Bakers challenge we were just trying one.

Ash D