Crow movie

Delve into the captivating world of the Crow movie and explore its intriguing storyline. Discover the top moments and characters that make this movie a must-watch for fans of dark fantasy.
Brandon Lee in The Crow (1994) | French postcard by Sonis, n… | Flickr Eliza Hutton, 44 Magnum Revolver, The Crow 1994, Fight Choreography, Powers Boothe, Jason Scott Lee, Eric Draven, Crow Costume, Cultura Punk

French postcard by Sonis, no. C. 491. Photo: TM and Crowvision, 1994. Brandon Lee in The Crow (Alex Proyas, 1994). American actor and martial arts artist Brandon Lee (1965-1993) was more than the son of his famous father. His last film The Crow (1994), will be forever remembered in years to come for his acting talent. During the shooting of the film, Brandon died by an accidental gunshot wound from a faulty prop revolver. In 2000, he returned to the screen in a little Swedish film. Brandon…