Crow pictures

Explore a collection of stunning crow pictures that showcase the beauty and intelligence of these fascinating birds. Get inspired to capture your own breathtaking images of crows in their natural habitat.

Crows are the smartest birds in the animal kingdom who give zero ducks. Want proof? Just take a look at any of the funny photos below. Crows (and corvids, the family that includes crows, ravens, rooks, and magpies), like to pull the tails of birds and animals who are twice as big as them because they are not afraid. Some argue that this unusual bird behavior was developed to snatch food away - but the other theory is that these cool birds simply like to behave like major assholes.

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Do you know what do the House Crow that we complain as nuisance contributes to the environment upkeep? Just read this fantastic post by Sumeet after which you may in fact start appreciating the crow for the job it does! Birds of India: In Praise of Crows: Note: This is not a researched scholarly article based on accepted statistical measurement or scientific data. It examines possibilities and... "It is an understatement to say that they are not much loved. The House Crow, or Corvus…

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