Cupcake toy

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Multiple crochet cupcakes with crochet spiral frosting that looks like it came out of a piping bag Toys, Crochet Flowers, Crafts, Amigurumi Patterns, Crochet, Fruit, Crochet Cupcakes, Crochet Cupcake, Crochet Food

This free crochet cupcake pattern teaches you how to make realistic crochet frosting on a super sweet cupcake! This frosting style could look cute on crochet cake, crochet pastry, pr other crochet dessert. The cupcake in the pattern doubles as a crochet pincushion, and could also be an amigurumi cupcake just by adding a face! Also a great crochet food item for a child’s play kitchen, it makes for unique and realistic crochet play food. There are many possibilties for this cute pattern.