Curtains on small windows

Enhance the look of your small windows with creative curtain ideas. Find inspiration to bring style and functionality to your space with the perfect curtains for small windows.
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As an interior decorator, I have quite a few tricks up my sleeve. Often my clients are stumped by architectural issues that detract, rather than enhance, the beauty of their space. Here in Nashville, there are many ranch-style neighborhoods that were developed in the 1960s and 1970s that feature small, high windows. small window […]

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How to choose window treatments for small, high (basement, clerestory) windows.  Drapes and shades for little windows. Via Home Décor, Inspiration, Home, Windows, Interior, Curtains For Basement Windows, Short Window Treatments, Half Window Curtains, Curtains On Small Windows

[photo above: Emily Hertz] Happy Friday!!! Here we are smack dab in the middle of the holidays, and I’m popping into your world to share a little interior inspo. But first, do you follow me on Facebook? My friend Claudia Ricciardone of Claudia Josephine Design and I have been chatting via Facebook Live each Friday […]

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In our master bedroom, we have a big double window and a small single window. It… Interior, Diy, Hibiscus, Home, Florida, Design, Curtains On Small Windows, Curtains For Short Windows, Window Treatments Bedroom

It's been a long time, y'all. I've been out sick the last couple weeks. I fought it for a week but I couldn't escape. None of us could. And so I've been offline for a bit. But I'm back now! So. Curtains. Let's talk about hanging curtains. And how almost every store and catalog gets it wrong. It's one of my pet peeves because it means that I can never find what I want in the store. They have too short curtains hung just level with the window frame. No. Just, no. If you want your curtains to…

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