Czech potato dumplings

Explore mouthwatering recipes for Czech potato dumplings and elevate your culinary skills. Learn how to make these traditional dumplings and impress your friends and family.
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Dumplings are a staple in Czech cuisine. While bread dumplings (houskové knedlíky) made from yeast dough are the most famous, potato dumplings are equally popular. This recipe features one of the most popular variants, known as "Chlupaté knedlíky" or hairy dumplings. What are Chlupaté knedlíky Chlupaté knedlíky dumplings are a Czech type of dumplings whose...Read More

Catherine Cullen
Authentic Czech recipe for potato dumplings, ham and sauerkraut. Potato Recipes, Potatoes, Dumpling, Potato Dumplings, Raw Potato, Potato, Ham, Fried Ham, Recipe

Our mothers and grandmothers always cooked the best meals. When I asked my mom if she had a favorite recipe from her childhood, she fondly recalled potato dumplings with smoked ham and sauerkraut! This is a delicious and filling dish consisting of three parts: fried ham cubes, boiled and seasoned sauerkraut, and small potato dumplings....Read More

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