De stijl

Descubre el fascinante mundo del arte de De Stijl y sumérgete en la estética vanguardista de este movimiento artístico. Explora las ideas y obras clave de los artistas de De Stijl y déjate inspirar por su enfoque innovador.
Bauhaus, Museum Of Modern Art, Kandinsky, Willem De Kooning, Dutch Painters, Piet Mondrian, Paul Klee, Broadway, Georges Braque

A friend of mine just mentioned wanting to do some "painting ala Holly style" with her kids who happen to be on summer vacation. They are living "down under" in Australia right now and her kids just finished up school. All this reminded me that I still have two projects to post from our Art Journal Wednesday series this past summer. This project centered on the artist Mondrian. One of my favorites! I just realized I was going to link to information about Mondrian, but I used my old art…

Gianfranco Trentacapilli