Decorative hinges

Transform the look of your doors and cabinets with our collection of decorative hinges. Explore a variety of designs and finishes to add a touch of style and elegance to your home decor.

How about these door hinges? How about a pair of beautiful salvaged flush mount butterfly hinges? It’s not easy to find hinges like these… #1. Butterfly-shaped door hinge Find it HERE… #2. Chicken-shaped door hinge #3. Rooster-shaped door hinge #4. Bear-shaped door hinge Find it HERE… #5. Donkey-shaped door hinge #6. Duck-shaped door hinge #7. Mouse-shaped door hinge […]

Liam Luyt
Antique Brass Hinges. 6" Decorative Victorian Door Hinge In Antique-By-Hand Finish

Whether you're restoring a vintage door or want to add a classic touch to your modern door, look to us for one of the most extensive selections of antique door hinges available. From butt hinges and strap hinges to screen door hinges, you'll find a door hinge that suits your home's unique style.

Tammy Sue Bakker
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Sold as a set of 2 or 4. These small hinges are a good size for jewelry and keepsake boxes, small cabinet doors, fairy garden doors, doll houses and more. High quality, detailed, functional, and very unique. Matching screws are included. KEY FEATURES: Size -2 inches width when laid flat. -Crescent height: 1.25 inches -Hinge barrel diameter: .15 inch. -Steel thickness: .045 inch. -Screw hole size: .1 inch (roughly 3/32 in). Matching screws are included.

Adam Miksa