Demon king

Unleash your curiosity and explore the fascinating world of the Demon King. Learn about their origins, powers, and captivating stories that have intrigued generations of readers.
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In the beginning, things were Balanced, as all things should be. However, for reasons unknown, the embodiment of disharmony tried to destroy the multiverse, thanks to the efforts of the inhabitants of Giltoria, it was sealed away into a vessel. Thousands of years go by and the vessel of Disharmony awakens with no memory, the vessel meets and becomes friendly with the princess of that era, but things soon go wrong, an unknown being awakens and the two get separated into different alternate…

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Za'lgatoth, better known as Zalgo, is a Tulpic embodiment of chaos and horror within the Creepypasta mythos. Zalgo lives in a palace made out of tortured glass, a palace he built alongside his legions of Zalgoids whilst trapped behind the Wall. He forged these Zalgoids from the tears of the damned, he forged them to act as his servants while behind the Wall and as his eyes when within Creation. Zalgo is unable to interact with reality due to being stuck behind "the Wall", aka the barrier…