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Here’s what the mice and keyboards of the future should be scared of | Yanko Design Module Design, Cats Case, Baby Breastfeeding, Devices Design, Touch Screen Display, Yanko Design, Futuristic Technology, Technology Gadgets, Interface Design

Teasing us with this conceptual device, Benny Lee is sort of pointing to the future of mice and of productivity. Why are we still using these blockish, left-click-right-click devices? Trackpads (as much as I despise using them) brought us a step closer to a palpable future laden with possibilities, but then pulled back almost immediately,

What if the iPhone’s camera module was a detachable, GoPro-style fully functional device? | Yanko Design Smartphone, Pop, Inventions, Gadgets, Tech Gadgets, Iphone, Ipad, Mobile Smartphone, Buy Iphone

I'm fully aware that when I'm paying over $1000 for an iPhone, a healthy amount of that is going towards the camera hardware, which everyone will agree is Apple's crown jewel... so why not just be able to buy that camera module? Louis Berger envisions a Google Project Ara-esque setup where the smartphone's camera is

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