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Introduce your child to the world of words with our interactive and educational dictionary designed specifically for kids. Help them expand their vocabulary and develop a love for learning with our engaging and colorful dictionary.
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Longman Children’s Picture Dictionary Download PDF + CDs Free, Longman Children’s Picture Dictionary, Picture Dictionary PDF Download Free, Free Photo Dictionary Download uses fun, child-centered scenes to illustrate 800 words, organized into 50 subjects complete with chants and songs by Carolyn Graham. Longman Children’s Picture Dictionary presents 800 words and phrases within 50 beautifully illustrated […]

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Picture dictionary and classroom poster ESL printable worksheets for kids to study and learn classroom objects, things in a classroom vocabulary. Look at the pictures and study the words. Useful for teaching and learning classroom objects, things in a classroom vocabulary. (2 sets of picture dictionaries)

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On our Hospital English vocabulary worksheet for kids, the pictures describing the words and the meaning in English and your own language are given below the pictures. - Image Worksheets