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Transform your dining room with these stunning mirror ideas. Add depth and style to your space with a variety of mirror designs that will leave a lasting impression.
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We're heading over to west London this week to have a look at an apartment by one of my favourite designers, Suzy Hoodless, and while we're there I thought we'd poke a virtual nose into a couple of the others which might inspire you in terms of colour and design…

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Wondering if putting a mirror in the dining room is a good idea? This intriguing question has a stylish answer that can transform your space. Scroll down below to learn more! We may include affiliate links and curated AI content to highlight top design styles. The short answer is yes: adding a mirror to your […]

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Enhance your dining space with these 11 awesome dining room mirror ideas. Explore creative ways to add elegance, light, and style to your dining area! We may include affiliate links and curated AI content to highlight top design styles. 1. Use A Hanging Of Small Mirrors Get our FREE 7 design style cheat sheets Subscribe […]

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"Let there be light." When I started the home buying process, I was hands down most excited about getting to choose lighting choices. I probably looked at hundreds of lights before choosing the ones I did. But I finally narrowed down my choices and I can't be happier with the choices I made. I've had a few request for

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mirrors are one of the most versatile tool we have in our tool box as designers. they of course are used for function, where would we all be wthout a good mirror in the morning? but they can also be the perfect stying tool. here are our favorite ways to incorporate a mirror in your space…

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Want to give your dining room a five-star restaurant feel? Give it a luxe-looking light fixture and a glass accent wall, à la Ashley Donelli (@our_gaff_) and her partner, John. They were looking for a way to make their small dining room look and feel larger “and have it be a focal point as [the] house is an open plan,” Ashley explains.The statement-making solution they settled on: mirrors, of course. They used IKEA LOTS mirrors (similar to BLODLÖNN mirrors in the U.S.

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Living With Mirrors I pay particular attention to mirror placement in my interiors as they have such a significant impact in a room. Living with mirrors is not just utilitarian, but also adds a dramatic statement, makes a space feel more expansive, reflects light and can be used in place

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