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This handheld sugar dispenser, so you can precisely sweeten your coffees and teas (sans mess). Thanks to the swappable dispensing mechanism, you'll be able to precisely measure out 1/4, 1/2, or 1 teaspoon, so your morning java will always taste just right. Coffee Machine, Coffee, Tea, Sugar Dispenser, Food Canisters, Coffee Maker, Dispenser, Dispenser Design, Tea Powder

Reviewers love that it saves them time in the morning, and say they've even filled it with coffee grounds to help them make the perfect brew every time.Get it on Amazon Canada for $20.07+ (available in three colours).

Meki Doyle
iF Design - Toshiba ZHI desktop water dispenser Design, Industrial Design, User Interface Design, Ui Design, Beautiful Design, Higher Design, Filter Design, Desktop, Drinking Design

ZHI desktop water dispenser is a maternal & baby product designed for new mothers. According to research, 45°C is the best temperature for brewing baby milk powder. Therefore, this purifier is equipped with a 45°C water outlet key, and mothers can flush milk with one click. At the same time, the machine is also equipped with a disinfection area. Through a reasonable UI layout, an ergonomic Touch bar is created to realize fine-tuning function partitions for water connection and temperature…