Diy cropped tshirt

Transform your old t-shirts into trendy cropped tops with these creative DIY ideas. Learn how to add style and personality to your wardrobe with step-by-step tutorials and inspiration.
Reinvent Your Wardrobe With these Gorgeous DIY Crop Tops for Summer 2016 Sewing, Shirts, Turquoise, Summer, Diy, Crop Tops, Tops, Tank Tops, Diy Crop Top

If you have always loved the idea of cutting, folding and sewing your clothing items just to bring out something new out of them, or if the aforesaid ideas have inspired you a little, it surely doesn't call for any further waiting to experiment with some of the most amazing styles of crop tops sporting that personalized touch of your very own. Let's grab everything from your closet that you need to up-style and create some brand new DIY Crop Tops for Summer 2016!

April Oaks
Muscle Tee- still want the length just not the sleeves

Spring break is just around the corner and I'm super excited for the warm weather season!! My spring break essentials always consist...

Betsy Elizabeth Bosarge Ross

From Baggy Shirt to Cute Crop Top: I haven't made a project in a while, and recently saw a super cute crop top online with an embroidered flower on the pocket. Here's the catch: It was $52! I thought I could make something really similar for a much cheaper price, so I decided to make…

Jessica Hartwick
Fitness, Diy Clothing, Outfits, Nordstrom, Tops, Shirts, Layout, Crop Tops, Upcycling

Ok let me set the scene… I’m walking through the entrance at Nordstrom the other day and noticed they totally changed the layout of the entire floor. So instead of my preferred shopping area being in the back, it was pushed to the front, starting with the Topshop display welcoming me right into store. So, I’m on the phone, casually perusing through the racks, and I notice this plain white, I mean regular as hell, white crop top t-shirt. I’m turning the shirt around to find the graphics, the…

Laura Kvam