Diy sponges

Get crafty with these DIY sponge ideas and create unique decorations, accessories, and more. Start your DIY project with these fun and easy sponge crafts.
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Reusable Dish Sponge Pattern

"This Reusable Sponge Pattern is the Zero-waste DIY project that you were missing! You have reusable snacks bags, reusable shopping bags, produce and even snack bags… Join the zero-waste movement by making this reusable sponge pattern to use and reuse around your kitchen for at least 4 more times than your regular sponge! I am swearing by this DIY project. Is going to change your life! (...your life when you are doing the dishes at least) Click here and make your own reusable sponges with…

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DIY Reusable Sponge Sewing Tutorial (FREE!)

This zero waste dish sponge is a game-changer! This DIY Reusable Sponge Sewing Tutorial shows you step-by-step how to make kitchen sponges that can be washed and reused over and over again. You don't even need any odd materials. By using cotton and mesh fabric and cotton batting, you'll have a DIY sponge that cleans and absorbs but is easy to wash and also dries quickly. With only a 1/4 yard of each fabric, you can make three sponges. It's a thrifty and fast sewing project that's even at the…

Kelley Berwick