Diy thigh high socks

Learn how to make your own fashionable thigh high socks with these easy and stylish DIY projects. Create unique looks and show off your creativity with these fun and affordable ideas.
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Today I turned my old leggings into stockings. It’s perfect to repurpose ill-fitting, outgrown tights or old leggings with holes along the seams – no need to throw them away! I’ve written a tutorial, so you can also refashion your old leggings into thigh high stockings. My stockings are inspired by medieval hose, so they’re more … Continue reading Turn Leggings Into Stockings – Refashion Tutorial →

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I bought a pair of back seam cuban heel tights from amazon. Being almost 6 feet tall, I was really hoping they would be tall enough. They weren't. Either I wouldn't wear them at all or I could do an experiment. If they got ruined, oh well. I decided to turn them in to thigh highs. I was a little nervous at first because they are so delicate. This worked out perfect for me, I'm not sure if some styles it wont. Just be careful and take your time. It worked out great though! I actually have a…

Jenn Pacheco