Doberman pinscher natural ears

Learn about the natural ear Doberman Pinscher and discover the benefits of this unique feature. Find tips on how to care for and maintain the natural ears of your Doberman Pinscher for a healthy and beautiful appearance.
Puppy Breed: Doberman Pinscher Hi, I'm Dax the Doberman. The first thing people say to me is how big my paws are! A lot of people don't know I am a Doberman Pinscher because my ears aren't cropped. I am an extremely sweet and sensitive puppy. I absolutely love to cuddle on the couch with my owners. My second favorite things are playing with other dogs and chewing on sticks. I am very smart and growing into my long legs every day! Dobermans Without Cropped Ears, Doberman Pinscher Without Cropped Ears, Doberman Pinscher Ears Down, Doberman Unclipped Ears, Doberman Ears Down, Doberman Long Ears, Doberman Dogs Natural Ears, Doberman Pinscher Uncropped, Doberman Uncut Ears

Gina von Lawall and Meena von Lawall are delightful 14 week old rottie/dobie mix puppies. (it's our best guess). They are your typical happy, sweet, friendly puppies, always up for something fun. These sisters are in a foster home with several other adult shepherds and a horse. They are guaranteed to bring ...

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