Dog leg

Discover creative and fun ways to keep your furry friend entertained with these dog leg ideas. From interactive toys to agility exercises, find the perfect activities to keep your dog active and happy.
Dog With Insanely Long Legs And Neck Resembles A Giraffe (40 Pics) Dog, Pretty Dogs, Cute Dogs, Pretty Animals, Cute Animals, Pup, Borzoi, Canine, Cute Funny Animals

Every dog is different from one another. Some are small, some are big, some are fluffy, and some are scruffy. But have you seen a dog that looks like a giraffe? Well, now you certainly will. Though she lacks the spots the giraffe has, Cleo, a Silken Windhound, has a really long neck and long legs—so much so that she's been named Cleo Long Legs on Instagram.

Fiona Clerk