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Transform your look with creative doll face paint ideas that will give you a mesmerizing appearance. Explore top ideas to bring out your inner doll and captivate everyone around you.
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After sculpting the doll face you’re happy with, there’s another hurdle to overcome - bringing it to life with painting. I see some doll makers and students of mine struggle with this. Painting could make your sculpture look livelier, more realistic. So how to achieve that? Today I want to share som

Dulcinea Dolls
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Dolls are a beloved toy out there and most kids love to play with them, although sometimes, people take their fondness for dolls into adulthood and never grow out of them. It is quite trendy today to recreate dolls and repaint their faces to make them look more detailed and realistic, and that is exactly what Spanish artist José Francisco Cerezo Roldan does.

Allen Garrett
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Do you want to make a textile doll but can't draw her face? This detailed PDF tutorial with photos and videos is for you! Even a beginner can draw a beautiful face) Today I will draw a doll's face with you) An exact copy may not work, but you can get your doll. This will be what you imagine. ***************************************** WHAT DO YOU LEARN? - how to learn how to draw the face of a textile doll, regardless of its shape, - basic proportions of the face - about the materials that can…