Dressage exercises

Enhance your dressage technique with these effective exercises that will help you improve your riding skills. Discover top tips and tricks to become a more confident and skilled dressage rider.
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Why and when to introduce your horse to lateral work - While they used to be predominantly the domain of prancing dressage horses, lateral movements like shoulder-in and haunches-in offer unrivaled conditioning effects for almost any equine athlete. Exercise science has shown them to be on par with gymnastic routines like hill repeats and cavalletti routines in terms of muscle recruitment, with a bonus of altering motor sensory patterns. Below I will explain how and why you might consider…

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Quick and Effective Flatwork Exercises Creating a proper flatwork routine and sticking to it is always a bit daunting. Even though we all know the benefits of a good warm-up followed by an effective flatwork session, most of us feel stuck in the arena questioning our improvement with our horses. This is especially the case with busy equestrians who have limited time. Is it impossible to create a flatwork routine that focuses on your improvement without taking too much time? No, it is not…

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At some point, most riders have wished for something like a magic pill, a solution that will instantly alleviate nagging training issues. Since that is impossible, the next best thing is an arsenal of arena routines whose execution will improve your horse. The exercises in this article will give you a looser, more balanced horse, and will create engagement without excessive effort.

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