Dressing your truth type 1 hairstyles

Discover the perfect hairstyles that flatter your Dressing Your Truth Type 1 style. Enhance your natural beauty with these top hairstyle ideas for a stunning look.
T3 - Purpose Driven Motherhood: Becky's before and after "Dressing Your Truth" hair makeover Dressing, Outfits, Capsule Wardrobe, Wardrobes, Health, Type 3, Type 1, Carol Tuttle, Shoulder Length Layered

Dressing Your Truth is an energy typing system. It includes personality, movement, body language, facial features, motivation, behavior, and so on. It has taken a long time for me to figure out my energy type, which I now think is a 3/1. I was ready for a new hair do, and wanted it to match my energy type. So we spent the afternoon at the Dressing Your Truth salon. At the bottom of this post I'll include my "after" picture and a video that explains the system a bit. My "before" picture. I…

Theresa Rooney