Easy stuffed pepper recipe

Discover mouthwatering stuffed pepper recipes that are quick and easy to make. Try these tasty ideas to add a flavorful twist to your next meal.

Stuffed Peppers are bell peppers filled with a rice and ground beef mixture, topped with seasoned tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. You get your vegetables, protein, and carbs all in one delicious dish! STUFFED PEPPERS Bell peppers are perfect for filling with meats, sauces, and cheeses for a satisfying and well-rounded meal, all in one. […]

Kaelan Loggins
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Delicious, protein-packed stuffed bell peppers make for a crowd-pleasing meal the whole family will enjoy! This recipe is easy to make with rice, ground beef, veggies and melty cheese. Add this incredibly flavorful dish to your dinner menu or meal prep it for the week ahead!

Melanie Ruelle