Egg sandwich tea party

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Recipe video above. At the heart of a great egg sandwich is a creamy egg filling and essential to this are soft boiled, not hard boiled eggs! The creamy yolks practically makes its own mayonnaise sauce and the soft-set egg whites almost dissolve in your mouth.If you're making to impress, refrigerate to firm the filling so you can cut neat edges.

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Elegant, dainty, crustless tea sandwiches are quintessential pinkies-up party food for a beautiful light lunch garden party, a bridal shower, or a Mother’s Day brunch. Today, we will cover everything from bread choices to filling options, the best ways to make tea sandwiches ahead, and how to create incredible savory flavors. Choose from over two dozen creative small bites from classic cucumber tea sandwiches from Buckingham Palace fit for a Queen, egg salad sandwiches, easy ham salad, and…

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