Egyptian cats

Discover the captivating history and unique characteristics of Egyptian cats. Learn about the significance of these feline companions in ancient Egypt and find out why they continue to be beloved pets today.

The Egyptian mau cat breed is a lean, athletic feline with a history dating back at least 3,000 years. Regal and intelligent, this rare breed is the only naturally-occurring spotted domestic cat.

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by Sarah Davis: Have you ever consider the ancient, beautiful and graceful Egyptian Mau as a new family member? Well, you should! This smart, lively and charming feline might be the perfect addition to your pet-filled home. Egyptian Mau is famous for her playful spirit, sharp mind, and attention to the environment. You might be questioning, "Will this distinguished cat breed get along with my current pets?" This informative guide will give you all the pros and cons, advice, and tips ...

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