Elements of art line

Discover how artists use the element of line to create depth, movement, and emotion in their artworks. Explore top ideas and techniques to incorporate the power of line into your own art.
teach art types of line | Runde's Room: Monday Art Feature. I'll use this when making anchor charts. Doodles, Middle School Art, Art Lesson Plans, Teaching, Elementary Art, Art, Art Lessons, Art Education, Pre K

I usually do my art features on Friday, but I left my camera at school this weekend (so disappointed), and I didn't want to wait until this Friday, so a Monday Art Feature it is! We've been discussing lines and designs quite a bit during our art classes. Every year I have done some sort of art project featuring lines and designs, but when I saw this crazy cool hand art, I knew I had to do it with my class this year. I've done a lot more art with my class this year than I have in previous…

Nicole Cass