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Bring joy and laughter to your kids with these fun and entertaining Elmo puppet ideas. Discover creative ways to engage and entertain your little ones with the beloved Sesame Street character.
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Kevin Jeffrey Clash[1] (b. September 17, 1960) is an accomplished puppeteer whose characters include Elmo, Clifford, and Hoots the Owl. He served as Sesame Street Muppet Captain and co-executive producer for several years and was promoted to "senior creative advisor" at Sesame Workshop in May 2007.[2] Reflecting on his decades as a puppeteer, Clash released an autobiography titled My Life as a Furry Red Monster in the fall of 2006. The 2011 documentary Being Elmo: A Puppeteer's Journey…

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Baby David, an orange monster-like doll, is one of Elmo's favorite toys. Elmo first shows Baby David in Sesame Street Episode 2256; he names the toy after David, the proprietor of Hooper's Store at the time. Baby David can often be seen laying around in the background on the floor in Elmo's World and several Elmo's World books. In a 2011 web video, Elmo reveals that he traded in his binky for Baby David. (YouTube) In Family Forever: A Julia Storybook, Elmo mentions having once lost Baby…

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