Employee feedback

Improve your workplace culture and employee satisfaction with these proven strategies for giving and receiving feedback. Discover how to encourage open communication and foster a positive work environment.
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Performance review time is enough to elicit a hearty sigh from even the most seasoned manager. Although the review for the problematic employee can write themselves, writers block can occur when trying to find constructive feedback for a performance review for high performers. Below are some meaningful positive and negative feedback phrases that are associated

Sandra Montague
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The employee self appraisal or self evaluations are an important section of a performance appraisal. It provides insight on the employee's perspective on their performance. Not only does it provide insight on how the employee feels that they are doing, these comments provide opportunities to ask follow-up questions to have a real conversation. What happens

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Engagement Multiplier Engage your team to grow your business. Learn what’s working, what’s not… and see where your organisation stands at a glance and turn hidden insights into actions that grow your business. Employee Engagement – What does it really mean? When you love what you do and see the positive impact your efforts make […]

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