English cake recipe

Discover mouthwatering English cake recipes that are perfect for any occasion. From traditional Victoria sponge cakes to rich fruitcakes, explore top ideas to satisfy your sweet tooth.
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I've always been put off making a Battenberg despite it being my husband's favourite cake. I made one years ago and, for some reason, remembered it as being tricky. So we stuck to the bought version. But then I tried again, and, you know what, it really wasn't. HOW TO MAKE A BATTENBERG CAKE EQUIPM

Hayley Crouchman
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How to make Rock Cakes, using simple ingredients. Inside the crispy sugary shell of British rock cakes is a marvellous crumbly texture with an even scattering of your chosen dried fruit.These simple English cakes make a great addition to an afternoon tea stand. Perfect kids snack for their lunch box or school fete.US & UK measurements given

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