Environmental print activities

Explore fun and educational activities that incorporate environmental print to help children develop literacy skills. Discover creative ideas to make learning enjoyable and meaningful.
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It is the beginning of the year! I feel like I JUST had a class full of readers! Wasn’t it just May?! But here we are in August with a fresh new set of sweet kindies. And if your class is like mine, most of them don’t even know the first letter in their name.

Missy Niemiec-Rosales
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Environmental print can be an excellent tool to use in your preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten classroom. Young children pay attention to their environment and can pick up on letters and words from their exposure. Environmental print can be a bridge to the classroom and the child's outside world. It is a great way to introduce letters, words, and letter sounds to your students using print of everyday life.

Yolines Melendez
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Environmental print is all around us and a part of our everyday life. When you read the traffic signs as you drive, that's environmental print. As you open the fridge and read the label on the milk, that too is environmental print. Even the ever recognizable Disney Logo is environmental print. What is environmental print?

Sarah Rousseau