Epoxy resin countertop

Transform your kitchen with a stunning epoxy resin countertop. Discover top ideas to create a unique and durable surface that will impress your guests.
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If you want to transform your old and boring countertops into something new and beautiful, then epoxy is the answer. Epoxy is a resin that hardens into a durable and glossy surface that can mimic the look of granite, marble, quartz, or any other material you like. DIY epoxy countertops are easy to make, affordable, and customizable. Learn how to epoxy countertops with these 25 easy DIY epoxy countertop ideas using simple tools, and materials. These DIY projects will guide you through…

Joseph Goodwin
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I received this table from a family member, and while it is very functional for my family, with 3 kids, the top was beginning to show a lot of wear and tear from repetitive cleaning. It was around this same time that I discovered Stone Coat Countertop Epoxy (FYI - I am NOT affiliated with

Jess Haase
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This area was semi-finished and in desperate need of an update. It had hideous black and white tile, and an open entryway into my unfinished basement where there was storage, the furnace, and water heater. See my full project before and after page for more details. I added 3 new cabinets in this area to

Karoline Hill