Euonymus alatus compactus

Enhance your garden with the stunning varieties of Euonymus Alatus Compactus. Discover how these compact shrubs can add color, texture, and structure to your outdoor space.
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Noted for its fluorescent fall foliage and very ornamental berries, Euonymus alatus (Burning Bush) is a large, spreading, deciduous shrub of great popularity. In late spring to early summer, a profusion of tiny, non-showy, greenish flowers appear before being replaced by purplish-red fruits that mature during the fall.

Patty Lin
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Dwarf Burning Bushes for Sale Burning Bush Shrubs are known for their brilliant red fall foliage. With dark green leaves through spring, in late summer the leaves of the Euonymus alatus compactus turn to dark burgundy red for the signature fall color. It's the deep dark red leaves of this flowering shrub that makes home gardeners want to plant this flowering shrub as

Lynn Mikel