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Explore a collection of captivating expressionist portraits that will mesmerize art lovers. Discover the emotion and intensity captured by these stunning works of art.
Bold Outlines Delineate Expressive Portraits by Agnes Grochulska | Colossal Portraits, Portrait, Artist, Expressionist Portraits, John Larriva, Fine Art, Portrait Art, Nye, Gallery

Agnes Grochulska imbues her portraits with various emotions but leaves room for the viewer to determine which ones, preferring to create works “in which not everything is fully realized.” In The Outline Series, the Virginia-based artist uses impasto strokes to capture the distinct facial features of her characters, while drawing less attention to the rest of their figures. She finishes each portrait with a bold outline, adding bits of the vibrant blues, purples, and yellows to highlight…

Jessie Norden
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Irene M Almodóvar