Exterior design tiny house

Transform the exterior of your tiny house with these creative design ideas. Make a statement with your small living space and create a charming and functional exterior.
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The Scandi is our mid-sized tiny house for a couple or small family. This tiny house is 8.5m/28ft long, 2.4m/8ft wide, 4.25m/13ft 6in high and includes 2 bedrooms. Get Scandi Free PDF tiny house plans and customise in the 3D Tiny House Designer!

Zoltan Sitkei
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Tiny houses have taken the housing world by storm, offering a unique blend of functionality and charm. But what happens when you add a front porch to these cozy dwellings? The result is simply magical. Let’s explore the enchanting world of tiny houses with front porches that not only enhance their visual appeal but also […]