Fairy tail girls

Explore the enchanting world of Fairy Tail with these beautiful Fairy Tail girls. Join their extraordinary adventures and be captivated by their magical powers.
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Character Name:Mirajane Straus Universe Name:Fairy Tail Status in regards to the plot:Supporting character Tier in the series:High tier Gender: Female Powers and Abilites: Super Strength,speed,durability,using "Satan Soul" Take Over Mirajane gains the appearance and the abilities of a demonic being,like flight and darkness magic,immunity to poison. Destructive Capability:At least multi city block,likely town level Speed:Hypersonic Intelligence:Skilled combatant, Mirajane is regarded as one…

欲 吳
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In a land far, far away, lies the Kingdom of Fiore, a small peaceful nation of 17 million, and a place filled with magic! Found in every home, bought and sold in every marketplace, for most, magic is merely a tool, a mundane part of everyday life. For some, however, magic is an art, and they have devoted their lives to its practice. These are the mages. Banded together into magical guilds they apply their skills in search of fame and fortune. Many such guilds dot the landscape of Fiore. But…

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