Fantasy map making ideas

Unleash your imagination and create stunning fantasy maps with these creative ideas. Dive into a world of adventure and bring your stories to life with captivating map designs.
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If you want the coastlines to look like they’re popping off the page, then adding some cliffs is a great way to do it. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to do and it will instantly make your map look much more professional. In this Map Tip, you will learn some simple techniques to help your maps stand o

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How to draw fantasy maps. Super easy in ShadowDraw NaNoWriMo

How to draw fantasy maps. Super easy in ShadowDraw NaNoWriMo

Fantasy Map Making Drawing Tutorial on How to Illustrate a Whirlpool or Maelstrom. The Ocean, Water, How To Draw Ocean, How To Draw Water, Water Drawing, Fantasy Map Making Ideas, Fantasy Map Making, Imaginary Maps, Fantasy Map Drawing Ideas

There is something mysterious about a swirling vortex of water that seems to be draining into the depths of the ocean. In this tutorial I’ll walk you through some easy steps so you can draw your own whirlpool on your fantasy maps. #mapeffects #dnd #rpg #tutorial #howtodraw #dungeonsanddragons

How to draw mountains on your fantasy maps - cartography tutorial

Mountains are perhaps the most important natural feature you can draw on a map. They impact weather patterns, where rivers flow, and ultimately where cities and nations arise. But, how do you draw them so they don’t just look like squiggly triangles on your map? In this tutorial, I will walk through one of my favorite methods to draw mountains on your fantasy maps! #mapeffects #rpg #worldbuilding #maps #pathfinder

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