Finger knitting projects

Explore a wide range of finger knitting projects that are perfect for all ages. Get inspired and start creating beautiful and unique items using just your fingers.
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No knitting needles? No problem. Learn to knit these amazing projects with only your fingers. Make a colourful rug, a stylish scarf or a cosy blanket. Decorate a bathroom with a woven bath mat, a fireplace with a pretty garland or a door with a chunky wreath. These finger knitting patterns show yo

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Looking for a fun finger knitting project to try? Take a look at these 20 easy (and some not so easy) finger-knitted crafts for kids and adults. Finger knitting is a fantastic and easy craft for all ages. All you need is your hands and a ball of yarn. If you’ve ever wanted to have a go at knitting but haven’t known where to start I think finger knitting is a great beginner step to learning. Once you’ve got the finger knitting basics down, you can easily whip up a chunky scarf in 30 minutes.

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We adore Finger Knitting!!!! But what to make with all those "finger knitted sausages". Always looking to develop new Finger Knitting Projects.. we came up with these adorable Finger Knitted Bunnies! How cute?! Time to teach the kids how to finger knit (actually.. why not learn yourself too?!). Click for info! #fingerknitting #projects #knitting #kids #easter #spring #bunny #animals #yarn

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If you loved my How to Hand Knit a Chunky Blanket tutorial, then you’re really going to love this! These hand knit pillows are so soft and cozy, and they’re shockingly easy to make! Supplies: chunky yarn – this is the yarn I used for the white pillow (I only used part of one skein).… Continue reading How to Hand Knit a Pillow

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Ever wondered how do you start finger knitting? Finger knitting is a fun and easy craft you can learn in a few minutes. All you need to get started is some yarn and your hands. It’s a great craft for kids and adults. Even complete beginners will be able to whip up a simple necklace quickly and easi

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