First week activities

Make the first week of school unforgettable with these exciting activities. Engage students and create a positive learning environment right from the beginning.
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Two weeks from the day that I am writing this blog post, I will be heading back to school. I’ve spent a decent amount of time this summer getting my room set up, and I felt good about walking away for a while after a few days of setting up. But now, my brain has turned to: What in the world are the

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Discover the perfect All About Me preschool activity designed for young kids! Get a free printable worksheet that's simple, engaging, and ideal for emergent readers. Download now!

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I have had the BEST first week! It was jam packed and the days went by in the blink of an eye. I've been use to have 18 kids for the whole day in first grade. Since I'm just teaching reading, I have three different classes and 72 kids! That is definitely going to take

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First Week Must Dos 4 comments Back to School, Freebies, Popular Posts There are so many things that teachers must do the first week of school. Do these sound familiar? All of these things (and probably a few others that I missed) must be taught, discussed, and practiced (repeatedly) if you want your classroom to run smoothly all year long. See the last item on that list? That's my favorite 'must do.' In my eyes, all the items in the list are equal in ranking when it comes to importance, but…

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Third grade! Yay! I survived the first two weeks of third grade and finally have the time/energy to tell you a little bit about it. I won’t be going into total detail, so please leave a comment if you have a question! (UPDATE: I wrote a much more detailed post with more links and full ... Read More about The First Week of Third Grade

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