Fitness goal setting

Learn how to set and achieve your fitness goals with proven strategies. Create a plan, stay motivated, and track your progress to reach your desired level of fitness.
3 Steps to Set a Fitness Goal You'll Actually Be Excited About. For the women that lack a well-defined health goal, this blog post will walk you through the process of how to set a fitness goal when you're unsure of what is should be. Whether you're new to working out or just in need a spicing up your routine to keep it from feeling stale- this post will help you feel happy about having a fitness plan in your life! via @msfitfarmer Fitness Tips, Fitness Plan, Losing Weight Tips, Motivation, Fitness, Fitness Goal Setting, Smart Goals Examples, Fitness Goals, Workout Guide

These days, there's all this advice out there concerning proper goal-setting. Especially now, with New Year's having just passed, it seems like everyone and their sister is offering their two cents on the subject... ...You have to be specific + clear about what you need to give yourself a deadline...the goal must be measurable...and so on... Truth be told, that information is helpful + it has its place, but what do you do when you're unsure of how to pick a goal in the first…