Florence travel guide

Discover the best attractions, hidden gems, and local tips in our comprehensive travel guide to Florence. Plan your dream trip to this enchanting city today.

Here are my must know tips for visiting Florence, a stunning UNESCO-listed city and Cradle of the Renaissance. These tips will help you have the best and most efficient Florence visit. This Florence guide gives you the good stuff -- the lowdown on how to see the best things in Florence in the best way. That way, you can avoid mistakes, not waste precious time in line, and not miss anything important to see and do in Florence.

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Are you looking for the most amazing things to do in Florence? Then look no further. This post talks about how to spend 3 days in Florence, in an authentic way. A local is spilling all their secrets on where to go to have the best time - and which spots to avoid in Florence. Find the best restaurants in Florence where also locals eat, and the most stunning viewpoints. Check out my Florence Bucket List | Florence Things to do | Florence Hotels | Florence Activities

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