Foam Crafts

Get inspired by these fun and easy foam craft ideas. Discover how to make unique decorations, toys, and accessories using foam sheets. Start crafting today!

Have you been looking for that special type of wall art to create for your home? Why not try making foam flowers on canvas! All you need is a blank canvas and s…

Susan Counts
Make a Summery Flower Crown from Foam Sheets - A Kid's Craft | The DIY Mommy Diy, Inspiration, Diys, Basteln, Diy For Girls, Diy Enfant, Bunga, Diy Crown, Knutselen

We’ve been enjoying our Michaels crafty summer (complete with less screen time and visits to Passport to Imagination craft classes) so far. I can’t believe it’s already August tomorrow – seriously! We need to soak in as much sun as we can get (which has been tricky in this weird-weather-summer we’ve been having) and continue...

Naroa Perez