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This simple baked salmon really hits all the right notes: tangy, sweet, savory, a little spicy and crunchy. Cooking a larger piece makes for a nice presentation. Topped with buttery golden breadcrumbs and parsley, it's perfect for a weeknight dinner yet fancy enough to serve to guests.

Ana Badeau
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Every chef has their signature recipes, and it's no doubt that Giada's are all Italian classics. From simple bolognese to chicken piccata, Giada's most popular recipes tend to be easy-to-make classic Italian dishes - and there's no question as to why! These are the keeper recipes that we all make on repeat constantly for our families. They're the ones that we can rely on time and time again to serve up to even the most discerning company. They're the back-pocket classics we know and love…

Lori Ackerman
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Here, the 51 best Ina Garten recipes of all time. Because let’s face it: We can never get enough of our idol in all things cooking and life. Get ready to put on your chambray button-down and grab a wooden spoon, so you can whip up one of these recipes Barefoot Contessa-style.

Karli Martin
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When we set out to create the best cutlets, we sought perfectly tender chicken that was flavorful and juicy -- not tasteless and dry -- with a crisp, breaded exterior that stayed put and didn't get soggy. After trying different methods, we found that a mix of panko and Pecorino Romano creates the salty, crunchy crust we crave, while dried spices in both the flour and breadcrumb mixtures ensure that our cutlets are never bland.

Vickie Emmett
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We love pasta in all of its shapes and forms, but there's something extra comforting about when it gets baked in the oven to get golden brown and crispy. Oh, baked pasta - whether in the form of lasagna or ziti or anything in between, this is our official love letter. While we still find a great deal of comfort in dishes like Gricia or Aglio e Olio, there's an unparalleled sense of coziness that comes with digging into a bubbly, cheesy casserole of noodles. It's the kind of soul-nourishing…